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Spring 2024

In 2023 we saw a slight drop in total property sales, this was mainly due to the contrast to the years before where activity was fuelled by long-term low interest rates and frantic activity around the pandemic. Many of us were happy to see a more normal level of activity - it’s good for buyers and sellers alike.

As we enter into Spring 2024 we have seen the normal slower start of the year, with a lack of new properties coming to the market. However, with interest rates expected to start reducing, inflation likely to drop and other incentives by the French Government we fully expect 2024 to be a busy year.




For international buyers who tend to be cash buyers and not impacted by interest rates now is a great time to start that search. Being a cash buyer is always a positive - but with the market still relatively slow, and those vendors on the market motivated to sell, it is certainly a good time to search.

I would advise anyone thinking about buying in France to start now so as to get ahead of the game. Start by making some clear decisions on what you are looking for and where, start planning a trip over in Spring to get a feel for different areas. Then as properties become available and the market heats up you’ll be in the best position to move quickly and secure your dream home.

 If you are considering making the move now or in the future please do contact me to discuss your search further.


French Entree

In this article I outline the benefits of using a buying agent and what you should be looking out for when starting to engage the services of using a buying agent to find your dream home in France. To read the full article click here.

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