Buying in France

Property hunting in any country is a full-time job that requires stamina, lots of determination and market expertise. The French property market has its own peculiarities that can make the search and acquisition process particularly frustrating and difficult.

What makes the French property market so different?

The French property market can be difficult and challenging to navigate. 

There is no central platform for properties and homes can sometimes be listed solely in agents’ windows, on Facebook or elsewhere. Sometimes properties can be listed with several agents or you can find listings for properties that are no longer available. It is hard to find out information on pricing, previous prices a property achieved and what has sold in the area and for what price. French agents work solely for the vendor and do not work with the buyers in the same way as they do elsewhere.

As a result buyers need to find and register with dozens of agents. They need to spend time filtering through what property is or isn’t actually available. The lack of transparency on sold prices makes negotiating difficult and you run the risk of paying more for a property than it is worth. 

Having a professional on your side to share their experience and expertise every step of the way is of great comfort to many buyers and maximises your chances of finding your dream home.

What are the benefits of using a buying agent?

Having a Buying Agent on your side with good property and local knowledge can make the whole process considerably more efficient, less stressful and make the whole process more enjoyable. A good property finder will help you define your search criteria and save you time and wasted journeys - carrying out initial viewings and reporting back as to whether it is worthy of visiting a property.

A buying agent will support you in negotiating a fair price for your preferred property - making sure that your offer is presented in the best way possible in an often competitive market. Crucially, a good buying agent will make sure the purchase progresses in a timely manner and that your interests are covered at every stage.

Why The Dordogne Buying Agent?

A bespoke property service. The Dordogne Buying Agent provides a service to a small number of private clients. We use our expertise and experience to understand and define your search, find your ideal property, negotiate the best possible terms and support you through to completion and beyond. Our aim is to make the process as efficient, enjoyable and stress-free as possible. We are with you every step of the way.

We love what we do and are passionate about property. We place huge importance on communication and have a reputation for being straight-talking, personable, efficient team players. Our inbuilt tenacity means we leave no stone unturned, whilst at the same time being affable, approachable and understanding of our client’s particular needs and circumstances.

Being completely independent and only acting for a small number of clients at any time, there are no conflicts of interest so you benefit from an impartial service and a totally bespoke experience. We live and work in the area meaning we have extensive local knowledge of agents, contractors and suppliers plus guidance on places to see, transport links, local amenities and all the joys and pleasures the Dordogne has to offer.

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